6/13/2016 - 4:35 PM

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.136 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.136 Release notes

HuBoard Enterprise - 1.6.136 Release notes

The 1.6.136 HuBoard Enterprise package release is now available for download from https://enterprise.huboard.com/download.

Check out the git diff on GitHub

This release is HUGE! Over 25 closed pull requests and over 250 git commits touching over 300 files.

The team has been working hard on this release and it shows.


  • Implements sticking and progressive flash messages #267
  • Moves the private and public login buttons to the top of the page #281
  • Implements the pull_request web hook to health checks and client messages #255
  • Truncates commit messages beyond the first new line consistent with GitHub behavior #279
  • Syncs board after a period of inactivity #278
  • Moves the default root url to /dashboard #287
  • Improved "one click" login UX #285
    • Implements a seamless login flow that remembers your last sign in scope #291
  • Slack integration webhook messages now differentiate between issues and pull requests #299
  • Makes the columns scrollable with improved horizontal scroll support in the milestones view #280
    • Full Microsoft IE and Edge support!
    • Improved safari support #312

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a double publish event problem blocking proper card assignments #297
    • Catches and prevents webhook event race conditions #304
  • Properly catches board sync calls for expired sessions #296
  • Fixes an edge case with query parameters altering filters when refreshing the browser #255