5/29/2016 - 9:43 AM

EMF >> Resource >> XMLResource

EMF >> Resource >> XMLResource

>> A resource that serializes to XML. 

>> The various SAVE and LOAD OPTIONS in this interface enable you to tailor the 
XML files that are produced. 

>> You may specify the XML ENCODING to be used when saving the resource by 
using the setEncoding method. 

>> An XMLResource is capable of handling XML files that contain IDs as well as 
XML files that use URI fragments rather than IDs. The IDs from an XMI file are 
stored in the XMLResource in the idToEObjectMap and the eObjectToIDMap. 

>> Determine the XMLSave to customize the save actions
	protected XMLSave createXMLSave() {
		return new CapellaXMLSaveImpl(createXMLHelper());

>> Determine the XMLLoad to customize the load actions
	protected XMLLoad createXMLLoad() {
		return new XMIExtensionLoadImpl((XMIExtensionHelperImpl) createXMLHelper());	

>> Determine the XMLHelper to customize the configuration class for XML serialization
	protected XMLHelper createXMLHelper() {
		return new XMIExtensionHelperImpl(this);