11/1/2012 - 1:32 PM


Oct 24 12:34:42 <Narigo>	e_dub, there is not much documentation about testing afaik
Oct 24 12:35:09 <Narigo>	I did some testing for my modules though, using the test base framework from vert.x itself
Oct 24 12:35:28 <e_dub>	ah that makes sense, so in java?
Oct 24 12:35:30 <Narigo>	but it's not really a great way to do it...
Oct 24 12:35:35 <Narigo>	yes
Oct 24 12:36:04 <Narigo>	or well, it's scala actually :D
Oct 24 12:36:19 <e_dub>	i wonder, if your modules were decoupled enough, if you could test with tools from the language your writing them in (jruby for me)
Oct 24 12:36:23 <Narigo>	but thats almost the same
Oct 24 12:36:59 <Narigo>
Oct 24 12:37:07 <Narigo>	and
Oct 24 12:37:08 <Narigo>
Oct 24 12:37:49 <Narigo>	the first file is the test file runnable with ./mk test
Oct 24 12:38:55 <Narigo>	and since vertx needs some kind of wrapper around the tests itself (start the verticle, end the verticle after completed test), you need these two classes
Oct 24 12:41:42 <Narigo>	Tim has some test stuff set up under