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// Jyt is a REPL for C++
// You can write code interactively

// Highlight some code and press alt-enter to execute it
// For example:
auto x = "hello world";

// Now you can query the value in the terminal on the right
// e.g. "x"

// You can also update the value
// x = "hello again";

// The terminal on the right is meant for evaluating expressions.

// This window is on the otherhand for definitions. E.g.:
int foo(int x) {
  return x;

// And you can include libraries

int main(std::string x) {
  std::cout << x << " " << foo(42) << std::endl;
  return 0;

auto result = main(x);

// Press the "play" button to load this file and interact in the terminal.
// As C++ does not allow to redefine symbols, pressing "play" multiple times might cause errors.
// You can restart the whole enviroment by pressing the "reload" button.