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Slogan (reklaamlause):  a brief, catchy statement to help with branding; ajutine
Tagline (tunnuslause):  a distillation of your corporate values and identity into a pithy phrase; a linguistic ⋅counterpart to your company’s logo; püsiv


How to use color: Apply with the 60-30-10 rule

Use 60% of dominant colour, 30% of secondary colour and 10% of accent colour.
In web design you can rework the rule as 60% negative space, 30% content and 10% ‘call to action’ elements.

Tunnuslause (tagline)

Slogan vs tagline (näited)

Eesti firmade tunnuslauseid:

  A. Le Coq     Elus on maitset  
  Saku     Saku. See õige.  
  Põltsamaa Felix     Ehtne ja hea  
  Säästumarket     Liider, parima hinnaga  
  Delfi     Rahva hääl  
  GoBus     Toome maailma lähemale!  
  G4S     Sinu eest valvel  
  Tere     Värske piim iga päev  

Webdesign workflow

Atomic design workflow

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From sketch to mockup

Other stuff

Some web gallery layouts

Some good examples:

Species in pieces

  • Illustratoris, et näha A4 originaal suuruses, peab zoom olema 125% (Delli monitoril)