5/10/2019 - 10:10 AM

deploy microservices

Steps to deploy microservices in server.

steps to deploy microservices:

Local Machine:
git lab credentials
userName : upfrontnl
email: upfrontnl@gmail.com  
pass: Upfront123#

Clone "JARs" repo from upfront-security gitlab group

Note the path where JARs repo is cloned.

open the microsevice source code in the IDE

Add a configuration path redirection in the pom.xml file

Build Jar File - "mvn clean install"

open terminal @ "JARs" repo path

git add . -> git commit -m <message> -> git push


open GBOX VPS Session in PUTTY

cd into /home/us

execute "git pull"

cd /home

sh deploy.sh

wait for a couple of minutes

"nestat -tulpn" - list the process along with ports
"ps -fC java" - list process with full command 

cd /home

sh undeploy.sh