2/24/2017 - 1:03 PM

Cloud9 cheat sheet

Cloud9 cheat sheet

Cloud9 config stuff I always forget how to do

Set up middleman server

middleman server $IP -p $PORT

How to install a Node.js version - c9 and node in general

Say you want to install Node v6.9.1 you would write on the terminal:

nvm install 6

It's that simple :smile:

How to change Node.js versions

If you have multiple versions of Node.js installed on your workspace, you can switch to a specific version by writing:

nvm use 0.10.40

Making a node version default

In order to set a default version of node for your workspace, just type:

nvm alias default 6

Where 6 was the version you wanted to be used as default.

Install yarn

npm install -g yarn