6/20/2016 - 11:26 AM


# A the publication id in a TtmMapping cannot be changed. The API does not allow changing the publication id since
# changing it would break the publish status in the Content Manager.
# The old mapping s

# 1. First unpublish everything from the publication holding the old mapping. Or decommission the publishing target if
# the Content Broker changed and the content cannot be unpublished.

# 2. Lookup the TtmMapping Id, WebApplicationId and RelativeUrl (optional) of the old TtmMapping

# 3. Remove the old mapping
Remove-TtmMapping -Id ExampleMapping6

# 4. Add a the new mapping with the PublicationId of the new publication
Add-TtmMapping -Id ExampleMapping6 -PublicationId 'excmpletcm:0-5-1' -WebApplicationId 'ExampleWebsite1_RootWebApp' -RelativeUrl '/en'