4/21/2018 - 5:57 AM

iterm2 cheatsheet

iterm2 cheatsheet

Tabs and Windows

Fullscreen+ Enter
Previous Tab+ Left Arrow
Next Tab+ Right Arrow
Go to Tab + Number
Go to Window + Option + Number
Go to Split Pane by Direction + Option + Arrow
Go to Split Pane by Order of Use + ] , + [
Split Window Horizontally (same profile) + D
Split Window Vertically (same profile) + d
Split Window Horizontally (new profile)Option + + H
Split Window Vertically (new profile)Option + + V
Set Mark + M
Jump to Mark + J

Basic Moves

Move back one characterCtrl + b
Move forward one characterCtrl + f
Delete current characterCtrl + d
Delete previous characterBackspace
UndoCtrl + -

Moving Faster

Move to the start of lineCtrl + a
Move to the end of lineCtrl + e
Move forward a wordOption + f
Move backward a wordOption + b
Clear the screen + k

COPY and Paste

Copy from cursor to the end of lineCtrl + k
Copy from cursor to the end of wordOption + d
Copy from cursor to the start of wordOption + Backspace
Copy from cursor to previous whitespaceCtrl + w
Paste the last copied textCtrl + w
Loop through and paste previously copy textOption + y
Loop through and paste the last argument of previous commandsOption + .

Search the Command History

Search as you typeCtrl + r and type the search term; Repeat Ctrl + r to loop through result
Search the last remembered search termCtrl + r twice
End the search at current history entryCtrl + y
Cancel the search and restore original lineCtrl + g