5/12/2014 - 2:43 PM



Description: What does this project do and who does it serve?

Project Setup

How do I, as a developer, start working on the project?

  1. What dependencies does it have (where are they expressed) and how do I install them?
  2. How can I see the project working before I change anything?


How do I run the project's automated tests?

Unit Tests

  1. rake spec

Integration Tests

  1. Run other local services / provide credentials for external services.
  2. rake spec:integration


How to setup the deployment environment

  • Required heroku addons, packages, or chef recipes.
  • Required environment variables or credentials not included in git.
  • Monitoring services and logging.

How to deploy

Troubleshooting & Useful Tools

Examples of common tasks


  • How to make curl requests while authenticated via oauth.
  • How to monitor background jobs.
  • How to run the app through a proxy.

Contributing changes

  • Internal git workflow
  • Pull request guidelines
  • Tracker project
  • Google group
  • irc channel
  • "Please open github issues"