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Here is this users entire support interaction, exact text. We will let readers of this post decide for themselves if the OP is being truthful about his experience and how this was handled by our support team. 


Jan 29 2016
10:31 PM
Ninja Forms : PoPControl Error, Submissions Not Going Through ~ Lost 55 Leads Due To This Error

Strict Standards: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid
callback, non-static method PopControl::popcontrol_shortcode() should not
be called statically in /var/www/wp-includes/shortcodes.php on line 326

* You'll have to message me for the link to the page, because that error
only shows on DEBUG Mode.

Feb 1 2016
9:40 AM
From support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com
To <op's email address removed for privacy reasons>

Can you send us an export of your form and a link to the page that this is happening on?

Thank you,
Justin McElhaney
Feb 2 2016

Feb 2 2016
9:52 AM
From support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com
To <support@wpninjas.desk-mail.com>

Dude it's happening across every form within the site. I'm not sending any
information, you guys should support this on your own!
Customer SatisfactionPOOR
Dude this is has been a total disaster, I shouldn't have trusted this software with this much responsibility!! Total FAIL!

Feb 2 2016
11:18 AM
From support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com
To <op's email address removed for privacy reasons>

Without any information, we not able to troubleshoot your site. If you are willing to provide that information then we can help, but without you working us to help you, we can't. 

Thank you,
Feb 2 2016
7:44 PM
From <op's email address removed for privacy reasons>
To support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com

Whatever, I'm dumping this shit product......you guys fucking sux, I'll be
sure to recommend people side step, this

Feb 3 2016
12:26 PM
From support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com
To <op's email address removed for privacy reasons> BCC (5)

Chase, your inability to handle this situation professionally and abuse of our support team will not be tolerated. Effective immediately all of your licenses have been revoked without refund, and you are banned from any future Ninja Forms purchases.

Our support team offered to help you repeatedly, and you refused assistance from them in a demeaning way before becoming to abusive for us to continue to work with.

No amount of money gives you the right to treat another human being (let alone people trying to help you) with the amount of disrespect you have shown. I hope you are able to find success elsewhere.

Feb 6 2016
8:44 AM

From <op's email address removed for privacy reasons> BCC (5)
To <support(at)wpninjas.desk-mail.com>
Ohhh big deal......this support message is still going public, let's see
how many people will buy this after seeing how little engagement you guys actually deliever will prompt any future sales....wrong person to pull this shit on.

From support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com
To <op's email address removed for privacy reasons> BCC (5)

We don't respond to threats. I absolutely agree, this support message is definitely going public.


OP has outright lied in an attempt to smear our brand/company in revenge after I called him out for verbally abusing our support team. I will NEVER stand for the mistreatment of my support team. They are awesome, hardworking guys who deserve to be treated with respect.

As an aside, the error OP reported is in debug text, does not appear under normal conditions, and does not impact the function of the plugin negatively in any way. OP refused to provide additional diagnostic information requested in the original form before the ticket was even submitted, and again when politely requested by our support team. At no point in this interaction did OP give us any information regarding a problem in functionality or allow us to assist and resolve any real issue that they might have been facing. We were happy and willing to help until the OP resorted to unprofessional language and insults.

I would love to answer any questions someone might have about our support team, products, or processes personally. I can be reached at zach(-at-)wpninjas.com, or you can contact our support team directly at support(-at-)wpninjas.desk-mail.com.

Zachary A. Skaggs
Director of Happiness
The WP Ninjas, LLC