3/8/2018 - 10:03 AM


  1. FileTypes / File IO on server
  2. Itab/Domain/DataElement
DD0102V 	Domain name with value table header
DD01L   	Domains
DD01LV	  Unused Domains (View)
DD01T	    Domain Texts (R/3:DD)
DD01V	    Domain Header with Text(R/3:DD)
DD01VV	  View of Domains - Info System
DD02ALL	  Table Parameters for ALLBASE
DD02DB2	  Table Parameters (DB2/390)
DD02DB6	  Table Parameters for DB2 Version 2
DD02INF	  Table Parameters for INFORMIX
DD02L	    Sap Tables
DD02MSS	  Table Parameters for Microsoft SQL Server
DD02T	    Sap Table Texts (SAP DD)
DD02V	    Header of Tables with Short Texts (ABAP 4 Dictionary)
DD02VV	  Table
DD03K	    View on key fields with Domain Definition
DD03L	    Table Fields
DD03M	    Table fields with elements, text and domains
DD03N	    View on DD03L, DD01L, DD04L
DD03T	    DD: Texts for fields (language dependent)
DD03VT	  Table Fields - ABAP/4 Repository Information
DD03VV	  Table Fields
DD04L	    Data Elements
DD04T	    Data Element Texts (R/3 DD)
DD04V	    Header and Short Texts for Data Elements
DD04VV	  Data Element with Domain
DD04VVL	  Data Element with Domain
DD04VVT	  View of Data Elements with Texts
DD05P	    View on Foreign Key Fields
DD05Q	    View on Foreign Key Fields (Without Taking Text into account)
DD05S	    Foreign Key Fields
DD06L	    Pool / Cluster Structures
DD06T	    Texts on SQL Tables (R/3DD)
DD06V	    Headers and Short Texts for Pools/Clusters
DD06VV	  View of DD06L AND DD-6T
DD07L	    Values for the Domains (R/3 DD)
DD07T	    Texts for Domain Fixed Values
DD07V	    View on Fixed Values and Domain Texts
DD08L	    Relationship Definitions(R/3 DD)
DD08T	    Texts on the relationship definitions
DD08V	    View on Foreign Key Headers and Texts
DD08VV	  Foreign Keys
DD08VVT	  Foreign Keys
DD092526V	Base Tables of Buffered database views
DD09C	    System-Dependent attributes of technical settings
DD09L	    Technical Settings of Tables
DD09VV	  Repository Infosystem: View of Tech Attributes table
DD09VVT	  Repository Infosystem: View of Tech Attributes table
    - File Conversion Type
    - Subtype
    - Used by program (Κληση προγραμματος)
    - Ονομα εισερχομενου αρχειου
    - Ονομα παραγομενου IDOC
    - Ονομα εξερχομενου αρχειου
    - Παραγομενα αρχεια
    - Παραγομενα log files
    - Παραλληλιες

    - File Conversion Type
    - Description