5/2/2018 - 2:51 AM



Pro-tips for Driving Professionally


  • Lean forward to have a wider angle of your side mirror instead of adjusting it.
  • Signal for 5 seconds and make sure the car behind gets you before you switch lane.
  • Don't keep other drivers waiting. Accelerate when the light turns green.
  • The fast lane is an overtaking lane and does not conform to the speed limit rule.
  • On junction with two lanes turning, make a bigger turn if you are at the outer lane. This allows the inner lane has enough space to turn as well.
  • There's no tail-gating, if a car is following too close behind you, it's a sign that you are driving too slow. just get the fuck off the fast lane.


  • Always do reverse parking.
  • Always look for a parking spot where you park at the most left.
  • If you have wind down your window to take a parking ticket or whatsoever, please fully wind back up your window before you start moving. Air in the cabin are filtered precious high quality air,


  • Never use wiper. Drive faster to get the water off your windscreen.
  • Always take out your cabin filter before sending your car for servicing. The filter always get polluted to an unsuable state during service.
  • If you needed to check tyre pressure every month, it's very likely there's something wrong with your tyre.
  • Only use distilled water for filling up windshield tank and radiator. Hard water or muddy water will cause corrosion or stuck in the pipe.
  • Use a waffle weave fabric to wipe dry your car.