aaron-g of Cloud Operations
2/1/2017 - 12:50 PM



#Run the Get-AGAMITags script and send the output to a csv file
Get-AGAMITags | Export-Csv <Path to save CSV>

#Filter the results to remove any AMI with a release version that should not be deleted and save the modified file as Filename-Filtered.csv before running the below script

#Open the filtered out CSV file
$imageList = Import-Csv <Path to Filtered CSV>

foreach ($image in $imageList)
  $imageID = $image.imageid
  $imageRegion = $image.Region

  $ami = Get-EC2Image -Region $imageRegion -ImageId $imageID
  $snapshots = @($ami.BlockDeviceMapping.ebs.snapshotid)

  # Snapshots of root volumes cannot be deleted unless the AMI is deregistered first
  Unregister-EC2Image -Region $imageRegion -ImageId $ami.ImageId
  Write-Host $ami.ImageId "Unregistered"

  foreach ($SnapshotID in $snapshots) {
      # Delete leftover snapshots
      Remove-EC2Snapshot -Region $imageRegion $SnapshotID -Force
      Write-Host $SnapshotID "Removed"
  } # End foreach $snapshots