5/26/2014 - 7:01 AM

Jquery plugin template

Jquery plugin template

 * JQuery plugin SimplePlugin v 1.0 [26.05.14 10:59]
 * Created by ...
 * Contacts: ...

// don't declare anything out here in the global namespace

(function($) { // create private scope (inside you can use $ instead of jQuery)

    // functions and vars declared here are effectively 'singletons'.  there will be only a single
    // instance of them and they are not publicly accessible.  so this is a good place to declare
    // any immutable items or stateless functions.  for example:
    function myPrivateHelper() {
        // some helper fn

    // next, declare the plugin function
    $.fn.SimplePlugin = function(options) {

        // functions and vars declared here are created each time your plugn function is invoked
        // and have access to the options passed to your plugin fn

        //var $.extend({}, $.fn.ellDatepicker.defaults, options);
        function anotherHelper() {
            // helper fn that has access to 'options'

        // iterate the matched nodeset (and return 'this')
        return this.each(function() {
            var $this = $(this);

            // functions and vars declared here are created for each matched element. so if
            // your functions need to manage or access per-node state you can define them
            // here and use $this to get at the DOM element



    // finally, I like to expose default plugin options as public so they can be manipulated.  one
    // way to do this is to add a property to the already-public plugin fn

    $.fn.SimplePlugin.defaults = {
        // whatever options you intend to be customizable, for example
        color: 'black'