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Working with objects

Working with objects

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  <h1>Open the console to see the action!</h1>


  // Here we are given a cob-web of items. Let"s dig in and grab the items we need.
  var theCobWeb = {
    biggestWeb: {
      item: "comb",
      biggerWeb: {
        items: ["glasses", "paperclip", "bubblegum"],
        smallerWeb: {
          item: "toothbrush",
          tinyWeb: {
            items: ["toenails", "lint", "wrapper", "homework"]
      otherBigWeb: {
        item: "headphones"

  // Create the code necessary to print each of the following lines using the object above:
  // "I found my glasses!"
  // "I found my toothbrush!"
  // "I found my headphones!"
  // "I found my homework!"
  console.log("I found my " + theCobWeb.biggestWeb.biggerWeb.items[0] + "!");
  console.log("I found my " + theCobWeb.biggestWeb.biggerWeb.smallerWeb.item + "!");
  console.log("I found my " + theCobWeb.biggestWeb.otherBigWeb.item + "!");
  console.log("I found my " + theCobWeb.biggestWeb.biggerWeb.smallerWeb.tinyWeb.items[3] + "!");

  // Bonus (Extra Hard): It"s impossible to complete this in the allotted time. Take this home as a challenge and bring it back to your TA/Instructor for the solution.
  //Create a function using JavaScript (NOT jQuery) for which you can pass the name of an item and theCobWeb
  // and the function returns the smallest web it was found inside of.
  // Your code should work if someone were to modify theCobWeb.  
  //  for example if you gave your program 
  //    comb it should give back biggestWeb
  //    toenails it should give back tinyWeb
  //    headphones it should give back otherBigWeb
  // HINT: you should use recursion
  function isObject(o){
    return typeof o == "object";

  function findInObj(obj, itemName, webName){
    for (key in obj){
      if (key == "item"){
        if (obj[key] == itemName){
      }else if(key == "items"){
        if (obj[key].indexOf(itemName) > -1){
        if (isObject(obj[key])){
          findInObj(obj[key], itemName, key); //recursion

  //should console log biggestWeb
  findInObj(theCobWeb, "comb", "theCobWeb");

  //should console log tinyWeb
  findInObj(theCobWeb, "toenails", "theCobWeb");

  //should console log otherBigWeb  
  findInObj(theCobWeb, "headphones", "theCobWeb");

  console.log("should have returned biggestWeb, tinyWeb, otherBigWeb");