3/25/2018 - 1:16 AM


Introduction to Software / Web Development

  1. Humans and Written Languages (10 min)
    1. Breaking down the following English sentence.
      1. "Hello. Did you know that it is 271 days until my birthday!"
      2. Our eyes and brains have been trained to interpret characters and symbols.
    2. Morse code
      1. We can teach our brains and eyes to interpret other languages
      2. Let's interpret the following message
        1. ... --- ...
        2. SOS How do we know what these Symbols/Character mean?
        3. Agreed Upon Standard
  2. Computers and Languages (5 min)
    1. We can use Computer Programming Languages to communicate with computers and instruct them to do certain things
    2. What is Software Development?
      1. A Software Program is set of instructions written in a computer programming language to accomplish a logical set of tasks.
    3. Let's interpret the following message
      1. python print('Hello World')
      2. javascript console.log('Hello World')
  3. How the web works 101 (10 min)
    1. The Browser and its parts
    2. Brief history of the web - Tim Berners Lee joined hypertext with the internet in 1991 - First web page
    3. From Http Request to Rendered Webpage in a browser
    4. HTML, CSS, and JS build the DOM
  4. Html & CSS Basics (20 min)
    1. Add Content and Structure to the DOM with HTML
    2. Add initial styling to content with CSS
  5. JavaScritpt Basics (30 min)
    1. Add interactivity to a web page with JavaScript
  6. Lab: Build and Publish a web app (30 min)
    1. What is a Server
    2. Publishing our WebPage to the web
  7. Where to go from here?
    1. Software engineering degree here at your college
    2. Free online 'How to become a web developer' resources
    3. Coding Bootcamps