3/15/2018 - 9:44 AM

Twig Field Value (module)

Permet d'afficher les valeurs d'un champ dont entity reference

Single field value
<strong>{{ content.field_name|field_label }}</strong>: {{ content.field_name|field_value }}

Multiple field values
<strong>{{ content.field_name|field_label }}</strong>: {{ content.field_name|field_value|safe_join(', ') }}

Single field properties
<span>Text format: {{ content.field_body|field_raw('text_format') }}.</span>

Referenced entities
<img src={{ file_url(content.field_image|field_target_entity.uri.value) }} alt={{ content.field_image|field_raw('alt') }} />

- field_label : Returns the field label value.
- field_value : Returns the render array of the field value(s) without the field wrappers.
- field_raw: Returns raw field properties value(s).
- field_target_entity: Returns the referenced entity object(s) of an entity reference field.