9/8/2015 - 11:02 PM

OOPS session draft

OOPS session draft

7 Learnings

  1. Learning git

Will talk about version control systems, git and the best way to get started with git

  1. Contributing to open source

Will talk about how to find projects, github, pull requests etc.

  1. Books are the best place to learn from

    Books are better than websites. Some personal favourites, SICP, Programming Ruby, Rails 3 way etc.

  2. Learning test driven development

    A short intro to tdd if time permits. Best way to get started with tdd.

  3. Writing is important

    Will talk about why writing is a extremely important skill. Writing is everywhere. Writing blogposts, docs, writing to team members, writing to customers etc.

  4. Measuring yourself

    Cannot become better without knowing your pace. Maintaining todos (Wunderlist app), Rescue Time app etc. Treating your time at 100$/hr.

  5. Reading a lot more books

    Productivity tips. Learning how your brain works. Books like Your brain at work, Zero to One etc.

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