9/29/2018 - 8:06 AM

Deploy Spring-java app to google cloud

deploy maven spring java app to the google cloud

1) // frist build a "war" file in the intellij and it will be present in the target folder.
2) // add the "war" file to the cloud - project - bucket folder in the google cloud
3) // create a app.yaml file and add that file to the same location.
4) // the app the yaml file content should be different for angular and java app

***//while accessing the cloud shell please verify wether it is there in your preset project or a different project

//to change the project directory in the cloud shell.
gcloud config set project desired-project-id-here
gcloud config set project gbox-spring-2018

//the app.yaml of the java file should have
runtime: java
env: flex

// open the google cloud shell and create a directory(any related name) with the below command.  
mkdir mygbox-spring

//copy all the files from bucket to the mygbox-spring folder
gsutil rsync -r gs://spring-gbox ./mygbox-spring

//and deploy the app.yaml folder.
gcloud app deploy ~/mygbox-spring/app.yaml

//finally after deploying you will be getting a link where in you can go and call your apis.