8/21/2017 - 9:16 AM

Convert .PFX files into .JKS key and Build signed Android APK

Convert .PFX files into .JKS key and Build signed Android APK

If your certificate's file format is in pfx you will need to export it to a jks format. Follow these steps to do that:

* Access the following website and download KeyStore Explorer:
* http://keystore-explorer.org/downloads.html
* Open Key Store Explorer
* Open the key file (.pfx or other format)
* Type the certificate password
* Go to File > Save As
* Select JKS type and save it.

After that you can go to Android Studio and follow these steps:

* Top menu select Build > Build Variant
* On the left will highlight a table
* Select on the dropdown 'Release'

Build Signed APK

* On Android Studio go to Build > Generate Signed APK
* Key Store Path: insert the path for the .jks file
* Type in the alias and the password
* Click Next
* APK destination folder: place where the apk will be exported
* Signature versions: choose one of the versions
* V1 - all devices
* V2 - no mandatory, only works with android 7.0 or above