9/19/2012 - 2:55 PM

My ZSH Theme — Agnoster Mod

My ZSH Theme — Agnoster Mod

# Original theme zsh theme


function _git_prompt_info() {
  ref=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2> /dev/null) || ref="➦ $(git show-ref --head -s --abbrev |head -n1 2> /dev/null)"
  echo "${ref/refs\/heads\//⭠ }$(parse_git_dirty)"

function _git_info() {
  if $(git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree >/dev/null 2>&1); then
    local BG_COLOR=green
    if [[ -n $(parse_git_dirty) ]]; then

    if [[ ! -z $(git ls-files --other --exclude-standard 2> /dev/null) ]]; then
    echo "%{%K{$BG_COLOR}%}⮀%{%F{$FG_COLOR}%} $(_git_prompt_info) %{%F{$BG_COLOR}%K{blue}%}⮀"
    echo "%{%K{blue}%}⮀"

function virtualenv_info {
    [ $VIRTUAL_ENV ] && echo '('`basename $VIRTUAL_ENV`') '

PROMPT_HOST='%{%b%F{gray}%K{black}%} %(?.%{%F{green}%}✔.%{%F{red}%}✘)%{%F{yellow}%} %n %{%F{black}%}'
PROMPT_DIR='%{%F{white}%} %~%  '
PROMPT_SU='%(!.%{%k%F{blue}%K{black}%}⮀%{%F{yellow}%} ⚡ %{%k%F{black}%}.%{%k%F{blue}%})⮀%{%f%k%b%}'

$(virtualenv_info)❯ '

My modified fork of agnoster.zsh-theme

A ZSH theme optimized for people who use:

  • Solarized
  • Git
  • Unicode-compatible fonts and terminals (I use iTerm2 + Menlo)


To test if your terminal and font support it, check that all the necessary characters are supported by copying the following command to your terminal: echo "⮀ ± ⭠ ➦ ✔ ✘ ⚡". The result should look like this:

What does it show?

  • Success (✔) or failure (✘) of previous command
  • Hostname
  • Git status
    • Branch (⭠) or detached head (➦)
    • Current branch / SHA1 in detached head state
    • Dirty working directory (±, color change)
  • Working directory
  • Elevated (root) privileges (⚡)

Future Work

I don't want to clutter it up too much, but I am toying with the idea of adding RVM (ruby version) and n (node.js version) display.

It's currently hideously slow, especially inside a git repo. I guess it's not overly so for comparable themes, but it bugs me, and I'd love to hear ideas about how to improve the performance.

Would be nice for the code to be a bit more sane and re-usable. Something to easily append a section with a given FG/BG, and add the correct opening and closing.

Apparently the unicode characters don't display correctly on all systems. It would be nice to be able to say "this font will make it work, always". But what font?