7/12/2018 - 7:38 AM

Rolls and Responsibility

Job Responsibilities: In addition to the following, other duties may be assigned to meet business needs:
Extract, clean, audit and prepare data for analysis, relying on well-structured procedures and maintaining reproducibility of results
Design experiments to answer targeted questions and conduct exploratory data analysis
Analyze and judge the quality of data produced and proactively develop and implement solutions to data quality issues
Present and visualize interim and final results of analyses
Implement and test algorithms and techniques relevant to achieving project objectives
Maintain and develop, as needed, databases relevant to analytic solutions being developed
Interface with primary team members to construct, maintain, and automate client-related data to support other analyst teams in the Spend Intelligence Group
Translate business objectives into actionable analysis
Provide insight into the development of new customer products and internal uses for PowerAdvocate’s vast database of information.

Job Qualifications: KEY COMPETENCIES:
Can guide the team through effective approaches to data extraction, data auditing, and exploratory data analyses
Develops clear workflow / implementation plans based on chosen modeling approaches
Has a sharp eye for detail coupled with capacity for planning, organizing and analyzing large-scale complex data projects
Demonstrates solid interpersonal skills to work cooperatively with a diverse team to deliver superior results in a self-managed Scrum environment
Communicates findings clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences
Demonstrates the ability to shift between academically rigorous approaches and pragmatic quick-and-dirty-yet-useful tools for the real world
Is open-minded about new approaches and tools for achieving the goals of our customer