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Useful NPM Packages #Universal #Text-File

Useful NPM Packages #Universal #Text-File

Testing with Servers

Install : sudo npm install --global fast-cli

Usage : fast

Download everything from your terminal (Audio,Videos,Images) Scrapper

Install : brew install you-get (mac only) or pip3 install you-get (linux systems)

Usage : you-get <url>
Preffered : alias download='you-get'

Mas OS Mode Changer

Install : brew install dark-mode

Usage : dark-mode on

Kill Chrome Tabs

Install : npm install --global kill-tabs

Usage: kill-tabs

IpOnMap locates IP address lookup on the world map

Install : npm install -g iponmap

Usage : iponmap <ip>

MAC address Return

Install : npm install -g getmac

Usage : getmac-node

OPN - Client that opens everything

Install : npm install --global opn-cli

Usage opn <file>

Instant Music - Search & Download Music

Install : sudo pip install instantmusic

   sudo pip install pathlib
   brew install libav
   Usage: instantmusic -l <artist>

Mac Stuff :


Examples : 
    mac apps:close-all
    mac wifi:status

rest-your-eyes is a fun little mod­ule that makes use of the brightness module to well so that you an rest your eyes.

Install : npm install -g rest-your-eyes

Usage : rest npm install
Preffered alias rest='rest npm install'

WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for node.js and the browser.

Install : sudo npm install webtorrent-cli -g

Usage : webtorrent magnet_uri 
Push to other devices instantly : webtorrent magnet_uri --airplay

--airplay               Apple TV
--chromecast            Chromecast
--mplayer               MPlayer
--mpv                   MPV
--omx [jack]            omx [default: hdmi]
--vlc                   VLC
--xbmc                  XBMC
--stdout                standard out [implies --quiet]

Testing with Speedtest Servers

Install : sudo npm install --global speed-test

Usage : speedtest -b

Capture Screenshot of a Webpage

Install : sudo npm install --save pageres

Usage : pageres <url> <resolution>

Check that you have the latest version of all packages

Install : npm install -g npm-check

Usage :  npm-check  -u <path> <options>

Copy Files

Install : sudo npm install --global cpy-cli

Usage : cpy <source> <destination>

System Monitor

Install : sudo npm install -g vtop

Usage : vtop
Bash Aliases : alias top="vtop"
               alias oldtop="/usr/bin/top"

Empty Trash

Install : sudo npm install --global empty-trash-cli

Usage : empty-trash

Is a website up?

Install : sudo npm install --global is-up-cli

Usage : is-up <website>

Do you have internet?

Install : sudo npm install --global is-online-cli

Usage : is-online

What's my public ip?

Install : sudo npm install --global public-ip-cli

Usage : public -ip <protocol>

What's my localhost? (internal ip)

Install : sudo npm install --global internal-ip

Usage : internal-ip <protocol>

Outdated Dependencies

Install : sudo npm install -g david

Usage : david

Speedtest Cli Python 
Install : pip install speedtest-cli
Usage: speedtest-cli [-h] [--bytes] [--share] [--simple] [--csv]
                     [--csv-delimiter CSV_DELIMITER] [--csv-header] [--json]
                     [--list] [--server SERVER] [--mini MINI] [--source SOURCE]
                     [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--secure] [--version]

Kill processes (alternative to ps aux | grep

Install : sudo npm install --global fkill-cli

Usage : fkill 

What's my wifi-pass

Install : sudo npm install --global wifi-password-cli

Usage : wifi-password [network-name]

Brightnesss Changer

Install : sudo npm install --global brightness-cli

Usage : brightness 0.7 (70%)

Change Brightness to multiple Screens

Install : comes with linux standard kernel

Usage : xrandr -q | grep " connected"
Change : xrandr --output <screen identifier> --brightness 0.5

Run a program FOREVER

Installation : sudo npm install forever -g

Usage : forver start <node file>

Share a file locally server

Install : sudo npm install -g share-cli

Usage : share <filename>

Whats the exhange rate of an currency to another

Install : sudo npm install -g moeda

Usage : moeda <amount> <currency> <currency>

Delete Screenshots of Desktop

Install : sudo npm install -g trashss

Usage : trashss

Mac OSX Check network devices

Command : networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder

See Which and How many devices are around you

Install : brew install wireshark

          brew cask install wireshark-chmodbpf
Usage : howmanypeoplearearound