8/4/2016 - 2:58 PM



  • Chris Natali: Maybe more R focused but does have experience across the board + OSM + "domain knowledge of the power sector"
  • Eleonore Mayola: Biomedical research background, self-guided GIS + code experience, has hit a lot of pieces, good communicator
  • João Figueiredo: Good experience across the board
  • Vincent Saragos: Has hit lots of different pieces + uses our tools + remote sensing experience.

Got back to me quickly/often, on the fence otherwise

  • Mark Delcambre: Code for DC, less experience but self-learner
  • Charlie Hoffman: WRI, more GIS focused but has deployed his work via AWS, scaled, made tiles etc.

Interesting folks, not necessarily right for this position

  • Gautham Varadarajan: Less experience + more focused on front-end, seems talented + eager
  • Willie Marcel: Lots of web development experience + work with imagery and our tools + OSM; doesn't necessarily have AWS/infrastructure/deployment skills/experience
  • Javier Salazar: Seems more IT management focused but in the development sector. Mostly lists older stacks.
  • Souleymane Coulibaly: Self-learner, more front-end + drupal focused. Cool soccer site