11/14/2017 - 2:59 PM

Welcome to Cacher

Here are a few tips to help you start building a code snippet library.

Getting Started with Cacher

Use snippets to quickly recall commands

Snippets are the most useful when you want to re-use a shell command or a specific code pattern. Here are a few we have in our library:

  • "How to delete a git tag"
  • "Nginx configuration for staging server"
  • "Crash handler AWS Lambda function"

Use snippets for customer service

Engineers are often second-line customer agents. Use Cacher to store snippets for performing common support tasks.

Labels are your friend

Labels are a great way to organize your snippets. A good practice is to have one for every major product feature. We've created the first label for you - Documentation.

Create or join a team to share knowledge

Teams allow you and your colleagues to build a shared knowledge base. Use Markdown to write beautifully formatted documentation. (This snippet itself is a Markdown file.)

Use snippets for onboarding new team members

Let's face it. Having the new engineer decipher a 500 thousand-line codebase might not be an efficient use of her time. Use snippets as examples to help new members get up to speed fast.