11/7/2015 - 9:50 AM

Eclipse >> UI >> Workbench structure

Eclipse >> UI >> Workbench structure

>> WORKBENCH contains one or more WORKBENCHWINDOWs

>> WORKBENCHWINDOW contains zero or more (usually only one) WORKBENCHPAGEs
  The WorkbenchWindow supplies the trim widgets, and the WorkbenchPage supplies the window contents.
>> VIEWs and EDITORs are owned by WORKBENCHPAGE, through a ViewFactory and EditorManager
EditorManager stores the list of editors (via EDITORREFERENCEs), and ViewFactory stores a reference counted list of views (via VIEWREFERENCEs).  

>> The page owns a set of PERSPECTIves. Perspectives contain a layout and information about what action sets to enable.

>> Layout
    PartSashContainer: arranges a set of child parts separated by sashes
    PartStack: arranges a stack of PartPanes
    PartPane: allows views and editors to participate in the layout (like tabs)