3/25/2011 - 5:58 PM


import tango.io.Console;
import tango.util.container.HashMap;
import Integer = tango.text.convert.Integer;

void main()

    Cout ("How big is that dong bro?").newline;
    Cout ("Lets get some length bro, in inches please: ");
    char[] length = Cin.get;
    Cout ("Nice man! Now girth please, in inches still: ");
    char[] girth = Cin.get;
    Cout ("Doing some dong math. Dongulations if you may... please hold.").newline;

    auto cockJudger = new CockJudger(length, girth);
    Cout (cockJudger.judge()).newline;


class CockJudger

    private int _length, _girth; // Note: In inches


         * Constructor.  Takes in string values 
         * Params:
         *      length =    Length of cock in inches
         *      girth =     Girth of cock in inches 
        this(char[] length, char[] girth)

            _length = Integer.parse(length);
            _girth = Integer.parse(girth);


         * Judge cock on it's measurements.  This is loosely based off the ideas express at: 
         * http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/06/16/penis-size-preference-cha_n_107433.html
         * Return:
         *      Comment on dong size
        char[] judge()

            char[] lenComment = "";
            char[] girComment = "";

            HashMap!(int, char[]) lengthComments = new HashMap!(int, char[]);
            lengthComments.add(2,"It looks like the antenna on my baby monitor"); 
            lengthComments.add(3,"A small door stop.");
            lengthComments.add(4,"Pretty big for a 9 year old!");
            lengthComments.add(5,"Perfect for first timers.");
            lengthComments.add(6,"Ahh yes defacto cock!");
            lengthComments.add(7,"Here we go... no problem with showers in the locker room.");
            lengthComments.add(8,"Your mom is so proud!");
            lengthComments.add(9,"Pull up bar!");
            lengthComments.add(10,"Assualt with a deadly weapon");

            HashMap!(int, char[]) girthComments = new HashMap!(int, char[]);
            girthComments.add(2,"Lil pencil pee pee. :(");
            girthComments.add(3,"You wear pull-ups");
            girthComments.add(4,"wear a few extra condoms and they will be satisfied");
            girthComments.add(5,"Chicks gonna prolly get some good shit out this dick");
            girthComments.add(6,"Mean muggin and thuggin");
            girthComments.add(7,"Boomin like Newman");
            girthComments.add(8,"You might want to just fist her you know for less blood");

            if (!lengthComments.containsKey(_length)) {

                lenComment = "You got a fucked up dick bro!";

            } else {

                lengthComments.get(_length, lenComment);


            if (!girthComments.containsKey(_girth)) {

                girComment = "You got a fucked up dick bro!";

            } else {

                girthComments.get(_girth, girComment);


            return "Length: " ~ lenComment ~ "\nGirth: " ~ girComment;