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Python: Python: switch statement (a replacement of..)

Python: Python: switch statement (a replacement of..)

## There is currently no switch statement in Python. Often this is not a problem and can be handled through a series of if-elif-else statements. However, there are many other ways to handle the deficiency. The following example shows how to create a simple switch statement in Python:

>>>def a(s):
>>>    print s
>>>def switch(ch):
>>>    try:
>>>      {'1': lambda : a("one"),
>>>       '2': lambda : a("two"),
>>>       '3': lambda : a("three"),
>>>       'a': lambda : a("Letter a")
>>>      }[ch]()
>>>    except KeyError:
>>>      a("Key not Found")
Letter a
Key not Found

## Remember that we are making use of the following method for checking the existence of a Key...:

>>> {1: 2}[1]
>>> 2
>>> {1: 2}[0]
Key Error......

## p.s. check also the entry about the use of lambda in a dictionary...