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Vendor Inquiry Misc

Vendor Inquiry Misc

Vendor Inquiry Custom Formulas [ New ]

‎06-05-2015 02:00 PM

Custom Formulas


1. Vendor Invoice Inquiry: Which credit card bank accounts are tied to which CC vendor invoices?

select baBankName

from AxBankAccount

      left join AxBankStatement on baKey = bstBankAccount

      left join AxVendorInvoice on viCreditCardStatement = bstKey

where viCreditCardStatement = [Credit Card Statement Key]


2. Vendor Invoice inquiry:Vendor invoice payment that has a distribution “on hold”


SELECT TOP 1 tVendorInvoiceOnHold

FROM AxTransaction

LEFT JOIN AxVendorInvoice ON tVendorInvoice = viKey


viKey = [Vendor Invoice Key]


 tType IN (0,2)


tVendorInvoiceOnHold =1 and tiscurrent =1


To Use these Custom Formulas

Copy the desired Formula into the definition of your Inquiry column.