4/8/2015 - 3:54 PM

Development To Do List

Development To Do List

Project: Evergreen

  • CSS Variables Integration
  • Utilize font-face observer for loading of web fonts as well as icon fonts. article
  • Look into using SVG files instead of icon fonts.
  • Look into replacing Magnific Popup on all pages, except product, with Modaal. link
  • Look into the possibility of using ARIA to reduce class dependency.
  • Improve upon the use of data-hooks and other data- for function triggering.
  • Framework Documentation
  • Communication/Deployment Network
  • Look into better JavaScript loading and utilization.

ReadyThemes & Extensions

  • Utilize lazy-loading of images and possibly content blocks.
  • Create static page search
  • Create personalized "You Might Like" function. If logged in, pull order history and display X related product from last X products purchased.


  • Framework Documentation