8/8/2014 - 11:46 AM


JmxConfigGenerator [options...] arguments...
 -dictionary VAL    : Dictionary properties file for replacing attribute names
                      and parts of this names
 -graph             : Generate snmp-graph.properties linke file to out, by
                      reading jmx-datacollection.xml like file from input
 -host VAL          : Hostname or IP-Adress of JMX-RMI host
 -input VAL         : Jmx-datacolletion.xml like file to parse
 -jmx               : Generate jmx-datacollection.xml by reading JMX over RMI
 -jmxmp             : Use JMXMP and not JMX-RMI
 -out VAL           : File to write generated snmp-graph.properties linke
 -password VAL      : Password for JMX-RMI Authentication
 -port VAL          : Port of JMX-RMI service
 -runWritableMBeans : include MBeans that are read- and writable.
 -service VAL       : Your optional service-name. Like cassandra, jboss, tomcat
 -skipDefaultVM     : set to process default JavaVM Beans.
 -template VAL      : Template file for SnmpGraphs
 -username VAL      : Username for JMX-RMI Authentication

 Generation of jmx-datacollection.xml: java -jar JmxConfigGenerator.jar -jmx -host localhost -port 7199 -out JMX-DatacollectionDummy.xml [-service cassandra] [-skipDefaultVM] [-runWritableMBeans] [-dictionary dictionary.properties]
 Generation of snmp-graph.properties: java -jar JmxConfigGenerator.jar -graph -input test.xml -out test.properies [-template graphTemplate.vm] [-service cassandra]