4/9/2013 - 11:03 AM



<!-- 1. Put this just before </head> on EVERY page. -->

<!-- 2. Call this Javascript whenever you get someone's email and whenever they login: -->

  var email = '';
  _veroq.push(['user', {id: email, email: email});

<!-- 3. Track the necessary actions in the right places: -->
  _veroq.push(['track', 'views a product']);

<!-- The names of the events you want to track are: views a product, begins checkout, 
completes checkout, signs up, logs in, views a product category -->

<!-- 3b. You can track dynamic details when you track an event, you can dynamically 
populate this. For example on this page ( 
you'd probably want it to track something like: -->

_veroq.push(['track', 'Views a product', {
  name: 'Adidas Essentials Gym Bag',  
  price: 9.95, 
  url: '', 
  image_url: ''