10/8/2010 - 5:38 AM

"iframe" sitedown fallback via <object>

"iframe" sitedown fallback via

<!-- so it turns out that the object tag can act like an iframe 
     but the cool thing is you can nest object tags inside eachother for a fallback path.
    what this means is you can "objectframe" a site.. and if it fails.. (site down, offline, whatever).. it'll use the next one.

    so you can objectframe the live site and fallback to a screenshot.
    or something.

    demo at :

<object data="http://thisurlwillfail.sohard">
    <object data="">
        <object data="/images/screenshot.png"></object>    

<!-- this could probably work in IE with some classid bullshit

     also in this case there can be an ISP that intercepts your failed DNS (which fucks it up) but in most cases a site timeout wont trigger that so it'll be ok. :)