11/4/2016 - 6:43 AM

Delpoy the website

Delpoy the website

/*Delpoy the website*/

1. Database

Create Database-->use temparary key domain name as database name-->Confirm

tasks-->restore-->database-->device-->add the database file-->options-->check "overwriting the existing database"

security-->login-->new login-->use sql server authentification-->enter username and password-->unchecked enforce password policy-->go to user mapping--> check the database

expand the database-->security-->users-->right click the user I just created-->property-->go to membership-->check db_owner

right click root-->property-->security-->sql server and windows authentification mode

restart sql server service

2. deploy on IIS server(RDP)

access IIS manager--> right click sites-->create new-->physical path-->host name(use temparary key domain name)

3. IP mapping

in local, ping use temparary key domain name and get the ip, bind ip and use temparary key domain name in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. 
*make sure Host name in IIS server is the same as the name in hosts*
for example:   hdy.create-test.com.au

  *in UAT(staging server), make sure unchecked the email option in

  *set the folder to rollback and rollforward.
website name-->date-->two folders: Rollback and Rollforward

  *add licence in Licence in kentico

  *IP address and domain restriction in IIS server
   edit feature setting-->deny
   allow entry-->my IP and IPs I want to allow
  *back up database
   right click database---> tasks---->back up----> NameRules:Date_CompanyName.bak
  *in kentico cms, setting-->urls and seo---> always not use www,
   domain name == Licence
   master page-->security-->no require SSL