4/15/2016 - 12:37 PM

Digital Analytics Basics

Digital Analytics Basics

Business type vs goals

  Ecommerce - Drive product sales
  Lead generation - Drive contact form submissions
  Branding - Encourage engagement & awareness
  Content publisher - Encourage frequent visitation
  Online information/support - Provide information quickly

Macro conversion -> when someone completes an action that's important to your business (e.g. purchases for ecommerce site)

Micro conversion -> It's also an important action but its not the final goal (e.g. subscribing to new product release for an ecommerce site), its usually an indicator that the user is moving towards macro conversion.

Attribution is assigning credit for a conversion.
  Last-click attribution - conversion is assigned to the last marketing activity that generated the revenue
  First-click - channel that initiated conversion
  Linear attribution - assign equally to all channels

Creating a measurement plan
1. Define measurement plan - Document business objectives
2. Document technical infrastructure (what are our server technologies? are we active on mobile?
3. Create implementation plan (for GA, check snippet of code needed)
4. Implement 
5. Maintain & Refine

in other words,
1. Document business objectives
2. Identify strategies and tactics
3. Choose KPIs
4. Choose Segments
5. Choose targets

Example: Outdoor equipment company
Business objective
Help people enjoy the outdoors through innovative products and cultivate their love of the outdoors.

Strategy - Sell products
Tactics - Sell online, Drive store visits
KPIs - Revenue, Avg order value, Find store location clicks, Prints coupon for in store 

Strategy - Engage Users
Tactics - Drive blog engagement
KPIs - Recency/Frequency, Social share clicks

Marketing channel, New vs Returing customers, Geography

Plan ahead for 
- query string parameters
- server redirects
- Flash and Ajax events
- Multiple subdomains
- Responsive web design

Implementation plan for GA
Standard dimensions & metrics -> basic page tag
Business outcomes -> Goal & Ecommerce
Clean, accurate data -> filter / settings
Marketing channels -> campaign tracking & Adwards linking
Simplified reporting -> custom reports and dashboards